Dajal'sCattle ( Teh. Jampur Distt. Rajan Pur )

"Dajal (cattle)"

The Dajal are a draft type of cattle and are found mainly in the Dajal area in district Rajan Pur in Punjab Province. Their color is white or gray, deepening to almost black on the neck, shoulder and hump in mature males. The average weight at maturity of Dajal cattle is 500 kg for males and 390 kg for females.
The Dajal breed is an off shoot of Bhagnari breed, having almost similar points. However, Dajal cattle are comparatively smaller in size and lighter in color.
'''Dajal Cattle Breeding Farm'''
Dajal Cattle Breeding Farm was established in 1985 on the state landing Rakh DhundhiFazilpur.
The farm land was transferred to WPADC in February 1964 to operate it as seed Farm.
After a lapse of 8 years i.e. 1972, the WPADC was dissolved and the Punjab government again decided to established a cattle Breeding Farm at Fazilpur to cope with the demands of Dera Ghazi Khan Division.

Initially a Livestock Experiment Station was established in 1972-73 for the breeding of Dajal Cattle and Awassi Sheep, but soon after the Dajal breed of cattle was replaced with Sahiwal under the3 direction of the provincial cabinet. According the scheme was revised and implemented with effect from 1973-74 to breed pure Sahiwal for the objectives given in the next paragraphs.
Buffalos found in Pakistan make up 47% of Pakistan's major dairy animal's population providing more than about61% of the total milk produced in the country. Buffalo breeds found in Pakistan are Nili Ravi, Kundi and Aza Kheli. Nili Ravi is considered best buffalo breed in world and known as Black Gold of Pakistan. Cattle constitute about 53% of the national population of major dairy animals in Pakistan and contribute the share of almost 34.9% to the total milk production in country. The cattle breeds found in the country are Sahiwal, Cholistani, Red Sndhi, Achai, Bhagnari, Dajal, Dhanni, Gibrali, Kankraj, Lohani, Rojhan, and Thari. Out of these, Sahiwal, Cholistani, and Red Sindhi are main dairy breeds and well known internationally due to their distinct characteristics. Other than well-defined cattle breeds, there are a large number of nondescript cattle breeds and crossbred cattle.

Sahiwal and Cholistani are the two main dairy breeds of cattle. Their average milk production per lacta-tion is about 1200-1800 liters with 4.5% butter fat. The age at first calving is more than 3.5 years and calving interval ranges between 1.5 to 2 years. Dhanni, Dajal and Rojhan are draught type breeds with milk production potential of 800-1000 liters per lactation. Utility of these draught breeds has declined over the years due to increased mechanization in agriculture. The production recording and progeny testing program is being executed in Sahiwal breed only and is limited to institutional herds.


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